Our Cloud Expertise

Some of the things we think we are good at ...


We design and build solutions that are secure, reliable, performant, cost efficient and are operationally sound.


We write the automation code that brings efficiency to DevOps, Cloud and more.


We help people adapt to the new paradigm that cloud provides.

Trusted Advisor on the technology challenges facing Enterprise Business

Our Approach, by Habit

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.
Code First

Code First

Automate every time

Our first thought is always to write code to deliver solutions. Developer, Security, Operations and Management teams improve efficiency through the automation our code delivers.

Solution Architecture by Iteration

Solution Architecture by Iteration


We listen to understand the challenges, only then do we start to design a solution. Repeating our "Listen, Understand, then Design" habit makes for brilliant solutions...Every Time.

Open and Collaborative

Open and Collaborative


We have many years experience in technology life. We've found that the more we Teach the more we Learn. From new learnings come new ideas and new paradigms that improve how we deliver solutions. Teaching/Learning is an everyday habit we enjoy.

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Recent Updates

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