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What’s next for Hestio? Up and to the right.

Hugh Mooney

Co-Founder @ Hestio

The Magic Quadrant

Charting the beginning

With the trend towards digital transformation and remote work, there has never been a better time to build a company that offers automation and infrastructure-as-code solutions to the challenges faced by businesses seeking to operate securely and at scale on AWS.

When Rob and I founded Hestio in 2019 we had an idea to take our collective experience from 40+ years in technology and distill that into a meaningful offering that would enable our clients to leverage that expertise but without making them dependant on us.

From there, the Hestio mantra was born; “Codify our value”


We opted to begin with a well established path; taking our experience and expertise and build revenue from consulting. This was a practical way for us to demonstrate that potential to clients and grow the business organically. We took the good habits and patterns we already had and brought them into play to enable and accelerate the journey on AWS.


Initially the company began as a consulting business, providing expert advice and assistance to organizations looking to adopt or migrate to AWS. The goal was to help these organizations understand the benefits of the technology and how they can be leveraged to improve their operations. Our consulting service also helped clients implement these technologies, offering end-to-end solutions that covered everything from architecture design to deployment and ongoing support.

As the company grew and gained a deeper understanding of the needs of its clients, the value of an offering that captured and delivered these benefits became clear. It also validated what we believe to be a healthy means to engage with clients in order to unlock more of the potential of cloud adoption in a way that doesn’t make the client dependent on technology partners.

Codifying that value

Our observation has been that modern technology teams need a means to increase their own value, whether that be as higher output from productivity uplifts or by lowering the cost that value can be delivered for, through automation and enablement, all in secure, reliable and scalable manner.

Hestio is now ready to expand its offerings to include products and services as a means to deliver on that goal. We plan to accomplish this through the introduction of Hestio worX, which will codify more of that value for our clients.

If you’d like to understand more about Hestio or the value that worX might unlock for your business you can read all about it here or go straight to getting started with some of our tutorials.


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