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Transforming Global Cloud Strategies

Discover the powerful impact of Hestio’s cloud solutions through our Success Stories. Here, we showcase real-world examples of how businesses like yours have harnessed the power of worX and fleXpertise to overcome complex cloud challenges, drive innovation, and achieve remarkable growth.

The Platform Services business unit are responsible for the delivery of global platforms to enable enhanced productivity and value delivery at enterprise scale. The team seek to drive value by combining ServiceNOW and automation for AWS to enable improvements for request fulfilment where the requirements are considered simplex.

The team want to develop a capability that will support semi or fully automated provisioning for existing operational teams in addition to providing a path to self-service provisioning for internal development teams with more advanced AWS adoption.

With AWS adoption increasing throughout the organization, the scale at which cost management initiatives need to function is now global. How can cost management be applied in a manner that ensures compliance requirements for data retention and management are unaffected?

Many of the modern tools available for discovering, analyzing and actioning managed data simply don’t function well yet at Petabytes scale. How can the native features in AWS technologies be combined with modern tools to make this possible?

High-fidelity forensic visibility of a large global network presents scale and performance challenges.

Customers that have adopted a cloud first strategy are leveraging the scale and performance the cloud offers and are conscious that costs must be managed.

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