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How worX works

Begin your journey with worX and see how our patterns can streamline your AWS infrastructure development.

Accelerate Your AWS Mastery

Say goodbye to the complexity that stalls progress. With worX, you can deploy sophisticated AWS infrastructures swiftly and securely, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve. Harness the full potential of AWS with the expertise Well Architected Patterns delivering technology solutions.

1. Subscribe to worX - it’s FREE!

Take the first step towards cloud mastery by registering for your worX account.
You will receive a welcome pack that shows you how to access worX.

Tech Tip – Subscription gives you access to our private terrraform registry and our docs.

2. Choose a pattern

Explore our vast repository of worX patterns, each a key to unlocking the full potential of your AWS infrastructure. Whether you’re optimising existing projects or embarking on new ventures, our library is your resource for success.

Tech Tip – The pattern Terraform/Opentofu snippet points to the appropriate module in the registry and to the YAML configuration file.

3. Tailor your infrastructure

Tailor your AWS projects to perfection with our intuitive YAML configuration files. Our step-by-step guides provide all the knowledge you need to tweak patterns to your exact specifications, ensuring your infrastructure aligns with your vision.

Tech Tip – Use our sample YAML files and reference the docs for the options & defaults.

4. Deploy with Confidence

Bring your tailored AWS infrastructure to life using worX patterns. Our deployment guides are designed to ensure a seamless transition from concept to reality, empowering you to launch with confidence.

Tech Tip – Use standard Terraform/Opentofu commands to deploy (i.e. plan & apply).

5. Enable and Adjust

worX ensures your AWS infrastructure meets the demands of your business. Our Low-Code approach enables teams to adjust your estate based on demand without dependency on your AWS experts.

Tech Tip – Update your estate by editing YAML and run the terraform commands again. Check our docs to see if the change is disruptive.

6. Grow and Innovate

Unlock innovation with worX! From simple to sophisticated architectures, CI/CD pipelines, orchestration, and beyond, worX empowers your team to innovate without limits.

Tech Tip – Upgrade the worX subscription to get access to other modules.

Take the Next Step and Lead with worX

Ready to transform your cloud strategy with worX? Let’s discuss how Hestio can tailor cloud solutions to your unique needs. Schedule a Call today and take the first step towards streamlined cloud management.