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Hestio’s vision for worX

Hugh Mooney

Co-Founder @ Hestio

Hestio’s vision for worX is to take the principal of “codify our value” and make that available to customers in a way that brings value at each stage of the Cloud adoption journey to address two of the most significant challenges facing enterprise AWS customers;

  1. Organizational Complexity: Large enterprises are often complex organizations with multiple business units, geographically distributed teams, and complex governance structures.
  2. Security and Compliance: Large enterprises often have more complex security and compliance requirements than startups, and maintaining security and compliance when adopting or scaling on cloud can be a significant challenge.

worX aims to help solve these challenges by providing technology that enablesaccelerates and governs the cloud adoption journey.

Solve these challenges


Innovation on AWS is often made accessible at the CLI first. Unlock the potential of your engineering teams by giving them secure access to the same modern tools that innovators and startups use. We understand that the devices enterprises provide their engineers are often heavy restricted and not a natural fit for the toolset and innovations they seek to use to bring value.

The best example of this challenge is to look at how enterprises traditionally grants their employees access to AWS.

Our tools in the teamworX pillar are aimed and enabling engineering teams to honor those access and authentication requirements to allow modern AWS tools to be used.


Increase the consistency, security and scale your team can deliver using Hestio’s Infrastructure-as-Code library

Our Terraform infrastructure library contains reference architectures (workloads) suitable for provisioning and managing the collections of resources to host many widely deployed enterprise applications and services.

Our Terraform infrastructure library codifies enterprise ready components (modules) suitable for large scale deployment. We have patterns for everything from single VMs all the way up to 50Gbit global transit networks on AWS.


Codified automation that can be added to your AWS accounts that will help you reduce your spend and better align when that spend occurs to your hours of business.

Figure: Weekly spend on AWS without Cost Management

Figure: Weekly spend on AWS aligned to business hours

Figure: Weekly spend on AWS after Cost Management

Codified automation that can be added to your existing CICD pipelines for common uses cases to surface potential costs, perform security analysis and report on detected drift in your AWS accounts.

Figure: Estimating costs as you provision and manage AWS infrastructure

Figure: Analysing the code used to manage your AWS resources against policy.

The same automation can detect and report on orphan or unused resources and assist with minimizing potential attack surface.

Figure: Automatic policy review integrated to your DevOps pipelines.

Bringing it all together

By now, you will hopefully have an understanding of the value that Hestio’s worX can bring to your business with practical examples of how we codify and deliver that value to real customers already.

Bringing it all together

If you’d like to find out more, we’ve got documentation and tutorials to get you started. If you’re ready to make a difference to how you operate your business on AWS then get in touch. I’m sure we can worX something out.


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