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Unleash Efficiency with worX Low-Code AWS

No more complexity, just seamless integration and management with worX. Achieve what used to take months in mere hours.


Accelerate Your AWS Mastery

Say goodbye to the complexity that stalls progress. With worX, you can deploy sophisticated AWS infrastructures swiftly and securely, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.
Discover Simplicity

Introducing worX

worX isn’t just a product; it’s a cloud revolution. Designed for modern businesses, it’s a comprehensive suite of Terraform modules accessible from our private registry.

It caters to all—from simple VM setups to complex global networks—without the traditional code complexities. worX stands as a testament to Hestio’s dedication to clarity, offering an intuitive platform that transcends the typical cloud management experience.

Transforming Cloud Chaos

Tailored to Your Cloud Goals

Every enterprise faces the daunting task of cloud management; worX removes that sting. We understand the nuances of your AWS challenges and provide tailored solutions.

Whether it’s securing sensitive data, managing sprawling infrastructures, or ensuring compliance, worX’s low-code approach speaks directly to these challenges, transforming them into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Diverse Patterns for Every Application

Dive into the heart of Hestio’s innovation with our comprehensive suite of worX patterns. Tailored to simplify your AWS experience, our patterns come in various types designed for customisation with ease through YAML configuration files.

Unit Patterns

These are the building blocks for your cloud infrastructure, including VMs, databases, and more, allowing for granular control and customisation.

Workload Patterns

Scale up with resources designed for hosting robust applications and services, from traditional setups to modern containerized environments.

Fabric Patterns

Establish a resilient foundation with networking and traffic management tools essential for a secure, interconnected cloud presence.

Control Patterns

Maintain and enforce best practices across your AWS accounts with sophisticated management and governance resources

Automation Patterns

Streamline your operations with automated workflows and pipelines, integrating cutting-edge AWS services into your environment seamlessly.

Ready to Use

Effortless Integration

worX integrates with your environment, bringing the robustness of Terraform to life in a user-friendly package.

From selecting patterns that match your needs to deploying them with a few clicks, worX provides simplicity without sacrificing power, and removes the need for your team to build everything from the ground up.

It’s technology, tailored to fit your unique cloud landscape.

Simplicity, Power, and Support

The worX Difference

In the competitive realm of cloud solutions, worX is your golden ticket. Our approach is distinct — a low-code platform rich with customisation options, ensuring you’re equipped for any AWS challenge.

But what truly distinguishes us are the additional layers of support available from Hestio. With fleXpertise, you gain direct access to seasoned experts ready to elevate your cloud endeavours, making our partnership an extension of your team’s capabilities.


Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

Discover the flexibility of worX pricing, where the value scales with your ambitions. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, you can align our services with your operational budget and technical requirements.

Take the Next Step and Lead with worX

Ready to transform your cloud strategy with worX? Let’s discuss how Hestio can tailor cloud solutions to your unique needs. Schedule a Call today and take the first step towards streamlined cloud management.