Cloud offers a paradigm shift.

Paradigm shifts change the rules and factors that impact how we solve challenges. We start to see differently, think differently, feel differently and get the opportunity to act differently.

Cloud changes technology but the transformation to cloud is not just about technology it is about how we now see, think, feel and act about the new technology.

Seeing, thinking, feeling and acting are are ‘People’ things so our Cloud Adoption focusses on bringing the people to the new paradigm that cloud offers.

Assessment & Planning

We often get asked “where do we start?” when businesses trigger off on their journey to the cloud. We’ve been here before and have brought many customers through maturity assessments and organisational impact analysis. Each journey is different so we spend time Listening to where the customer is now and where they want to get to. Then we plan the journey together using the appropriate adoption tools.

Education & Adoption

Technology pillars change in the cloud. OS, SAN, Network & Security Engineers now have to Learn about each others domain as it exists in the cloud. A Cloud Engineer or Architect must understand all of the above. This can present new opportunities to learn and improve and is a journey we enjoy bringing people on. It’s fun to Teach & Learn new things.

Governance & Optimisation

Cloud adoption can often be seen as a technology transformation. In fact, that would be missing much of the point. The cloud paradigm shift brings new, often transformational, opportunities to the business. These changes must be measured and managed in order that we can ensure it brings the improvements required with managed risk.

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