Cloud experts

We listen in order to understand the challenges, only then do we start to design a solution. Repeating our “Listen, Understand, then Design” habit makes for brilliant solutions…Every Time.

We are experts in Cloud Solution Architecture. We listen to our Customers to understand the big picture business requirements down to the minute technical details. We then plan the design for the solution to their challenges.

Well Architected

The AWS Well Architected Framework has been developed to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient platforms for applications. Our Solution Architects subscribe to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and use the Well Architected toolkit to ensure best practice across the Security, Operational Excellence, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimisation pillars.


Security is to the forefront of every solution we design. From ISO27001 through to coding compliance rules, we’ve been there.

Operational Excellence

Good designs do not work without excellent operations. We’ve built platforms that operate to the highest standards i.e. ISO20000. We will help create the ops model that fits for you.


Cloud has changed the paradigm for reliability. It offers numerous reliability options for your solutions. We help navigate the options with you so you get the right fit for your service.


Performance in the cloud is not just about scaling up. It is also about having the right performance for your service. That might mean scaling down too. There are many architectural choices to get what works for you.

Cost Effective

We regularly save 6 figure sums for our customers. It is probably the highest value, in terms of cost, that we bring. The skill is in knowing the technology and how it should work for you. That’s what we do.

Reference Architectures

We’ve like building in the cloud, we think we are good at it. We build/code Reference Architectures for a broad range of solutions. From large scale data analytics services to startups. Here are a few….


Enterprise solutions make demands that only the cloud can deliver. We build/code solutions that leverage the cloud to meet these demands.


Cloud Serverless technology is a cloud native technology that delivers functions as a services, API gateways and much more. Serverless solutions can be a very cost effective application delivery mechanism but require a different design mindset and an understanding of how functions can hang together.