We’ve been asked a few times where we got the name Hestio, we’ve only had one person work it out so far, which suggests we should probably explain its origins and its ‘why’.

Hestio is a word blend of “Hestia” and “IO”.


IO is an abbreviation from the computing term ‘Input/Output’ but this is all explained better in the Wikipedia article about the .io domain. Suffice it to say that the .io domain is a common domain used for tech startups.


Hestia was the first born of the Olympians deities. She was goddess of Architecture and of the Hearth and Home. It’s said she taught the ancient Greeks how to build.

The Parthenon

The breakthroughs the Greeks made in the technology of the time is still astounding to us today as we marvel at their buildings, like the Parthenon.

Hestia was also the goddess responsible for building the Greek home. The hearth flame that is attributed to her was brought from city to city and home to home. We still see this in the flame used for all the Olympic games of modern times.

Hestia was known for her generosity and her family values. She always had her place on Mount Olympus and represented communal security and personal happiness.

Our aspiration is to create a warm home for our people and to create brilliant supporting teams that intra-depend upon each other.

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